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viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Must I say I miss you?

I'm thinking about you
I feel lonely
I feel sad
However my life continues 

I'm at the dance floor
Trying to enjoy it
You are still on my mind
What can I do?

I go for a drink
I'm dancing with another guy
He touch me like anybody else
He kiss me like you never were able to.

What can I say?
Even when you are on my mind
You are not here
You are not dancing with me

Even when I miss you
It doesn't matter a lot 
I can have some other company 
And feel protected 

Must I feel sorry?
No way!
You loose your chance
I'm not going to miss you anymore 

He walk with me at the starry night
He take my hand
He hug me
He say goodbye with a soft kiss

Must I meet him again?
I don't know 
Let's try
Probably, he is better than you

E.H.I.S. © 03/10/2010

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015


I can't wish something.
I feel that every time that I want to see you,
You simply go away.
You are not at my door neither on my mind.

I don't want to think about you.
I don't want!
Leave me alone.

Every time I try to keep you out of my head,
You still there.
Why do you do this?
Don't you see how much I have cried?

I see you walking in front of me,
I can't stop my crying.
Please go out soon!
There are no chance for love again.

The chosen one comes only once in life 
You had never been able to notice how much I loved you.
I'm not going to apologise...

E.H.I.S © 13/09/2015

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2015

I can't forget

I walk around my room
I can't find you
I don't know what to do
I miss you

Where are your kisses?
Where are your hands?
Where is that hug?
Where is your smile?

I don't like to sleep alone
I miss your kisses on my back
I miss your warm arms on cold nights 
I miss your hands playing with my hair
I miss your smile every morning

Where have you been?
Are you thinking about me?
Do you miss me as I miss you?
Do you remember when we fall in love?

No matter how long it takes
No matter how many men I meet
I believe I'm never going to forget you
Because you were my one and only.

E.H.I.S © 05/09/2015


lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

No more dreams

We are not on the same page.
Even if we were,
I can't share my life with you.
Because you don't have dreams.

I'm a dreamer.
I need a reason for live
I need a passion
I need someone who share with me

Wake up, look around!
There are a lot of things to do,.
Keep trying to survive?
Stop living for working,
work for living.

You can have a friend in me,
nothing else.
I can't share my life with you.
Because you don't have dreams...

And I'm a dreamer...

E.H.I.S © 30/08/2015

Listen up and wake up

I'm not an easy person,
I'm so complicated.
However I do my best everyday,
I'm so patience

Forgive me if I say this to you
I don't want to hurt you,
I just want to help you,
Help to be more.

Sometimes I can't choose the right words.
Forgive me if I'm being rude
but I want that the things go ok too.
Forgive my perfection

Though, it's no easy to hold on.
You make mistakes, 
that make me hesitate,
that make me throw this away.

Everybody tell me that I'm to patience.
If they were me they have just run away.
I can see good things on you
that's why I don't want to give up.

So help me and listen
stop being a kid.
You know how this works
Don't let me do everything by myself...

Or I'm gonna get tired and quit.

E.H.I.S. © 26/08/2015

That hug

You don't know how much I miss you.
I have tried to forget you,
but I can't.
I want to see you now

My luggage is ready.
My flight departs at 1 o'clock.
I'm going to your home,
I need to see you now.

I tried to look in other men...
That hug that you gave me.
That smile that you had all the time.
That conversation about nothing.
That 'hi' every morning.

Why are you so far?
Why am I so far?
I couldn't forget that hug!
I need it back... Forever.

I want to look your eyes.
I want to say 'I love you'.
Tell that is not too late,
that you are waiting for me too.

That you miss me too...

E.H.I.S © 31/08/2015

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

First meet

Today I'm going to wear my favorite dress,
I have a date
A date with my destiny,
a date with you.

I don't know you yet.
I want to meet you.
It could be anyplace. 
It could be anytime.

Please don't disappoint me,
arrive on time,
be nice,
hold my hand.

I'm going on my way.
I don't know why everything looks different.
I'm glad.
I'm exited.

I arrived 5 minutes earlier.
I'm waiting for you.
Where are you?
I'm nervous.

There you are!
You look so handsome.
You say my name,
I say 'hello'.

E.H.I.S © 21/08/2015